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Centerville ElementaryCenterville

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Volunteer Application

Volunteers who will be helping in the classroom and/or chaperoning a field trip will need to fill out a volunteer application. Applications are available in the office. A new form MUST be completed each school year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Whenever possible, please schedule appointments after students are released from school. Every minute of instructional time is valuable. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Morning Snack

Parents are encouraged to send a HEALTHY morning snack for their students to eat at morning recess. It is a very long morning and students get hungry!

SOME SUGGESTIONS: string cheese, granola bars, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruits, 1/2 of a peanut butter sandwich, nuts or trail mix.Students will NOT be permitted to eat candy, sugary desserts/snacks or chips until after they have finished their lunches. (NOTE: Snacks that are high in sugar or simple carbohydrates work against the students instead of helping them.)


There is a wide spread concern of H1N1. We, at Centerville, are being pro-active in trying to reduce the risk of spreading the germs. You can also help. Here are a few suggestions:

- teach your child to cover their mouth with their arm when sneezing/coughing
- wash hand with soap and water singing the “Happy Birthday Song” or “ABC Song”
-use alcohol – based hand sanitizer
-do not send sick children to school
-limit sharing of pencils/pens
-no sharing of drinks

We will continue to work together to minimize the risk of the H1N1.

Bus Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

Please remember the Bus Drop Off/Pick Up Zone is for buses only. This mandate is in place for the safety of our community. We appreciate your compliance.

Foggy Day Schedules

Announcements will be made on Channel 24, Channel 26,Channel 30, Channel 18 and Radio Station KMJ when busses are running late due to fog or bad weather. The television and radio stations will provide the following plan information: Plan "A" two (2) hour bus delay; Plan "B" three (3) hour bus delay; and Plan "C" all home to school transportation will be canceled for the day.

Box Tops 4 Education

Centerville School is participating in the General Mills Box tops 4 Education Program. Simply cut off the Boxtops 4 Education label of any General Mills product and send it to school with your child. Most families have these products in their homes and are items often used. Some examples are cereal, cake mixes, and other general food items. Our school receives ten cents for every box top submitted. Let your friends and family know to save the tops for you as every little bit helps.

Comprehensive School Safety Plans

School Safety Plans are available for review at your school site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school site office or Ryan Kilby for the district office safety, maintenance and operations at 559-524-7607